PON Management Traineeship: Klaas Hartmans

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‘Working under these conditions will not only maximize your learning curve, but more importantly, it is also a lot of fun.’ ~ Klaas Hartmans

Why I did choose Pon

When I first learned about Pon during my Bachelors, I was impressed. Impressed by the way the Pon family has grown their business successfully into a world player, 14000 people strong. In my opinion, the foundation of this success is characterized by genuine entrepreneurship mixed with an innovative mind-set. When I discovered that this is also reflected in Pon’s extensive Management Traineeship together with the opportunity to constantly develop yourself, my choice was made.

Why should you consider Pon

From the moment you enter the program you will be responsible for managing your own project. All projects in the program are subject to strict entry requirements. This results in challenging projects that have a real impact on the organization. Working under these conditions will not only maximize your learning curve, but more importantly it is also a lot of fun.

Passion to perform

In my opinion one should always aim high. Therefore, after my traineeship, I would love to work in a challenging environment in which our team is responsible for bringing (part) the business forward. Later on, I would love to work for one of our companies abroad to further strengthen our global presence. My ambition for the long-term is to be responsible for one of our operating companies. But for now: work hard, dare to make mistakes, and enjoy the ride.

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