General Management Trainee – Michael Groen

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Name: Michael Groen
Traineeship: General Management
Subject: Corporate development

Sweaty palms and shaking knees, this is how the General Management Traineeship at NN Group kicked off for me and my trainee group. The first assignment you will ever get as a NN Trainee is to give a short pitch about yourself to several members of the management board. Challenging for a 24 year old? Definitely, but it is a good thing I like challenges.

This is what the Traineeship at NN is all about, challenging yourself and the status quo. It has been more than a year since my pitch and since then I faced many more challenges. Looking back, I can already see how much I have grown, both personally and professionally. With the help of trainers, coaches, mentors, managers and your fellow trainees, the Traineeship offers you the chance to develop yourself at a pace you will not find anywhere else.

During my first assignment, I instantly got the opportunity to be Product Owner in an Agile Scrum team, responsible for the development of a chatbot. Then came my next assignment, with the possibility to go abroad for half a year. During my Bachelor International Business Administration, I have already been abroad once, so why not again, right?

With a Master degree in Finance from the VU in Amsterdam, I took the most logical step one could make as a Trainee, keeping in mind that the programme is all about challenging yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone. So I moved to Warsaw for half a year to work on the Employee Experience at NN Poland, which helped me a lot in understanding the human side of doing business, rather than just the numbers. 

As a trainee, you get opportunities that other employees do not usually get. You are not only seen as a future leader, you are treated like one and therefore you face high expectations and lots of challenges, which makes it so much more rewarding when you are able to live up to those and really add value.

About Michael
Michael (25) started the General Management traineeship after finishing both his Bachelor in International Business Administration and Master in Finance at the VU Amsterdam. Even though he is able to see the office from his Amsterdam apartment window, he chose to do his second assignment at NN in Warsaw, Poland.

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