Why you should choose the Traineeship at NN Group!

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Name: Janneke Klip

Track: General Management

Studied: Management, Digital Business and Innovation

Trainee year: 2019



This is what I truly believe! So why should you choose the traineeship at NN Group? That is a question I can’t answer for you, but I can share with you why I truly believe it is.

Recently I had to fill in a questionnaire about the recruitment process of the general management traineeship at NN. One of the questions was:

“What do you tell your friends at a BBQ about starting at NN?”

An easy question at first, but one that did make me realize I made a really good choice to start at NN. My answer could have been:

“Because working at NN gives you the possibility to be yourself, share your ideas and work together with inspiring people. Being a trainee opens literally every door, gives you a seat at the table and puts you out of your comfort zone.”

This is true, but what I did answer was:

Starting with this traineeship at NN Group is the best decision I could have made. It feels like being a kid in a huge playground again. I make new friends, which they call networking. I learn new things from my new friends by playing games, which is called personal development and stakeholder management. And every single day I go on an adventure, which I sell to my manager as working on my assignment.”

You see, working doesn’t have to feel like growing up.

In a couple of years, I want to become a manager, but where do I start? At NN I learn new things every single day about the financial industry, but most of all about people. What moves people, how can I influence them? How do I convince people to work together with me on my assignment, although they are all busy? How do I manage people and what are the skills I need to develop to do this? All questions that are answered during my traineeship at NN Group.

So, in short, NN Group provides me the opportunity to develop skills for my future career and therefore I think it is the best place to start your career!

PS: Still in doubt why to do the traineeship at NN Group? Feel free to contact me for a cup of coffee, a call or mail to take away your doubts. You can reach me by sending a mail to Janneke.klip@NN-group.com

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