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He started his internship in September 2014 at Fokker and still wakes up everyday feeling energetic. One year and three months later, Jens feels in place as a Management Trainee. While aiming for a future management position, he is learning a lot about coping with different units and personal skills. So far, so good?

How it started…

I first came across Fokker in 2010. At that time I was studying Industrial Engineering and my fellow students and I were working on a solar powered racing car, which was put together at Fokker. The teamwork resulted in a very good quality product. After a couple of years I was looking for a challenging starter’s position and the first thing that came to mind was Fokker. So I applied for the internship and after a couple of procedures they accepted me.

First assignment

My first assignment started with working in the sheet metal factory at Fokker Aerostructures in Papendrecht. I was part of the operating team and our task was to optimize the flows, by moving machines and making the team aware of their responsibility within the company.  Our goal was to transform the look and feel of the company. It took trust and responsibility to complete this goal and you have to cope with this from day one. The thing that motivated me, is seeing the team grow and becoming more excited about the more effective way of working together. We eventually won two awards for best-organized operating unit, but by that time I was already working on my second assignment.

Second challenge

My second assignment was very different from my first assignment, but was also focused on optimizing the working process, only this time it was more about the product. For this, I had to work with a lot of people from different backgrounds. It was very challenging, but I’ve learned how to implement a solid procedure, that can really make a change within a team.

Next assignment, next level

My third assignment, which I started June 2015, took place in Hoogeveen. I was the interim project manager for the Airbus Helicopters Tiger programme. Again, it takes a lot of trust and responsibility to fulfill this role, but once you take this chance, you get a lot of space to grow. In this position, I lead the team to ensure that we deliver our products on time, within the budget and that it meets the quality requirements. I’m also the first contact person for the customer. It’s all about the customer, so it is my job to communicate, set priorities and exert pressure, so that the final product will fulfill the needs of the customer. 

Your personal development is central

Every assignment is focused on your personal development, so you can become the best leader you can be. It’s not only about taking working skills to the next level, but also about taking your personal skills to the next level. And it’s more than wonderful to do this at Fokker, where they work to the highest standards, with the best quality components for aircrafts. I wake up everyday feeling energetic and happy with the work I do here. 

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