FLUOR Business Management Program

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Evaluating technical and commercial bids for civil works contracts in the Middle-East, negotiating with Dutch mechanical contractors, building up a pre-qualification presentation for an American client, refining an estimate for temporary facilities onsite… These are just a few examples of tasks I have worked on and which have allowed me to benefit from a steep learning curve every day.

Not only did the Business Management Program help me further improve my knowledge of the downstream and midstream energy sectors from a technical and a commercial point of view, it also challenged me to come up with strategies and innovative solutions to improve the status quo and simplify current business processes. An example is how Blockchain could impact the company.

Finally, the Program also helped me enhance my soft skills by giving me opportunities to give impactful presentations, guide, motivate and align people within and outside the company, mediate diverging interests, be proactive in sharing knowledge and ideas …

I can only recommend my experience within Fluor and the BMT Program so far. Don’t wait any longer to apply!

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