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As we are writing our first article for our Guts & Glory magazine we are at one of the most interesting and impressive places that Van Hessen has to offer; Shanghai! The place where it all comes together, where our goods come in from all over the world, where the extensive selection process takes place and where nature’s best sausage casings become ready to be distributed and sold across the globe.

The last couple of months we have been to abattoirs in the Netherlands, Germany and in the United Kingdom. We went to France and Morocco where we are working on a very interesting project. Usually when we wake up we need to pinch ourselves because most of the time we need to check where we have woken up this time. In which hotel? In what country? On what continent? Is it Europe, is it in the United States? The taste of the Schnitzel in our mouths has given the decisive factor, it must be Germany!

Besides being on the road, we have also spend our days in Quality Control at Nieuwerkerk aan den Ijssel where we learn the ins and outs of the product and where our coach is ready to answer all our questions and keep us up and running.

It is such a big privilege to get this opportunity to travel the world and learn all aspects of Van Hessen B.V. and it’s market, that it all feels like a dream. The dream I’m living and working in has a major goal, to learn as much about natural casings as possible and to become an expert! “To become an expert you need to spend at least 10.000 hours working in that specific line of work” a wise man once told us. According to our calculations we are now at 6.5% of becoming an expert.

Up until now it has been a very challenging and great experience and we are looking forward to the coming period in which we we will grasp every opportunity to learn more about Van Hessen and the world of casings!

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