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Time flies! Currently, we have been working for van Hessen for three months already. It feels like it was yesterday that we tried to impress Human Resources and the Management Team Europe by playing with blocks and planks to make them make the right choice and choose us as the new trainees! The last three months had many peaks; drinking coffee with our Gutroom supervisors, having delicious lunches at the new factory in Morocco, and of course the casings! It is great to discover that every casing is different and unique. This is the reason why it is so difficult but lots of fun to think about plans and ideas to create value and a higher yield.

When working at our head office in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, we spent most of our days at Quality Control looking, feeling and occasionally smelling at all the different products that arrive at Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel. We do this in order to really get in touch with our products and learn all the different aspects about it. It’s cool to see that goods arrive from all parts of the world. We see products from China, U.S.A, many European countries, but also from Beirut. The international identity of the company is embedded in the products, processes and people. It is also this combination of hands-on processes, a large product assortment and passionate people that have made the last three months challenging. Luckily, we have our coaches and mentors supporting, challenging and encouraging us along the way.

One of the highlights in our experience at Van Hessen was the trip to the UK. In cooperation with our Purchase Team, our British Abattoir Supervisor was setting up trials at a supplier. It was a good experience to think about the different setups to create the maximum output. In a few weeks the results will be known and then we can work on the follow-up.

Currently we are preparing for our travels to China, where we will spend several weeks learning even more about all our products (At the moment you read this we will probably be there already). We are really looking forward to meet all the people there and to learn about casings! It will be a great experience to see how the casings are selected and how all the products are made.

To conclude, we are really enjoying our time at Van Hessen and we are looking forward to learn more about the different aspects of the business the coming years. Because at Van Hessen, you’ll never stop learning!

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