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Nout Knabben – Associate and former participant “A Lens on Luxury”

In March 2017 I participated in the “A Lens on Luxury” Business Course in Milan. This event made me realize that I wanted to start my career as a consultant at Strategy&.

Why did you choose strategy consulting?
While I have always had a soft spot for entrepreneurship and considered joining the start-up scene, I also felt that getting a better understanding of business, and taking on a job that focusses on learning and development would help kick start my career and better position me for a better start-up position in the future. Strategy consulting offers me the combination of all these aspects together, besides gaining experience in a broad spectrum of industries.

How did the business course help you with the decision for consulting and Strategy&?
“A Lens on Luxury” gave me the chance to get an insight into the culture and work at Strategy&. I immediately felt that this was a place where I could further develop myself by doing lots of projects in different industries. Moreover, I felt that the entrepreneurial character of the firm and the hands-on mentality of the people I met offered me an excellent combination of where I saw myself going in the future and what I felt I needed as a new start. My choice had been made, and last November I started as an Associate at Strategy&.

How have your first few months been after starting at Strategy&?
Strategy&’s focus on learning and development was apparent from day one. My first day at Strategy& began at the airport, as I embarked on our induction training. I joined new starts from all over the EMEA region for a week in Munich, where we received extensive training in problem solving, modelling as well as developing presentation skills. During my second week, I joined the Amsterdam office’s induction program and was lucky enough to participate in the Strategy& All-Hands event with all of our 3000 European colleagues. Over the last few months, I’ve been trained in the ‘core consulting skills’, such as hypothesis based problem solving while also receiving ‘content’ training, to help develop an understanding of, for example, capability driven strategy. So far, I have already done 2 projects in two different industries and I’m looking forward in further broadening my horizon!

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