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Hi! I’m Daniel. At Nedap, I actually have a dual role. I’m involved in developing new propositions concerning vehicle identification and vehicle access control in the Identification Systems business unit. I’m also part of the team working on developing a strategic story for every business unit within the company.

Why did you decide to work at Nedap?

When I took part in the Nedap masterclass in 2017, I immediately noticed that this company is very different from the other companies I’d seen during my course. I was sold immediately! I’m not going to reveal everything, but those three days were fantastic. It was a combination of formal activities, including giving presentations to the management board as well as very informal events.

What I really liked was that you get a lot of freedom here but also the responsibility that goes with it. The quality of your arguments matters the most during a discussion, not your job title, age or how long you’ve been working here.

Can you describe a typical working day?

I like the fact that no two working days are the same. To give you a rough idea, I’m currently developing a new concept within the market group. This means talking to technicians to check if our ideas are technically feasible, but also conducting research or reading market reports on my own at a desk. I also give a lot of presentations to customers, potential customers and partners. I think that’s what I enjoy most.

What do you want to achieve at Nedap?

Above all, I hope I can continue the steep learning curve I’ve been experiencing here in recent years. I also really want to see the concept that I’m currently working on being brought to life. To turn something that only exists on paper into a product that has a real impact on the daily lives of end users. It might even open up a new market group for Nedap. I’d be very happy if this project became something that I could work on with a whole team, instead of alone or with a few colleagues.

What does no one know about you?

My work often involves giving presentations to different target groups. Everyone thinks it’s easy for me because of that. But, in fact, I secretly find it pretty nerve-racking. I’ve got a trick that helps me, though, which I learned during the six months I lived in New Zealand. I went bungee jumping there, which is both the coolest and the scariest thing I’ve ever done. So every time I have to give a presentation, I see myself standing on that tiny platform, staring into the abyss below. And then I’m thinking: ‘Oh well, this can’t be that bad!’.

“I’m driven to turn something that only exists on paper into a product that has a real impact on daily lives.”

Daniel Nijkamp

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