Digital Acceleration at PepsiCo Benelux

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We sneak a peek at Charlotte Zelders’ diary to find out how she juggles family life with her career – heading up PepsiCo’s Digital Acceleration Team.


I start my day with a seven minute workout, a super-efficient way to get some exercise in! After a shower, I have my favorite breakfast of Quaker Oats, Cruesli and yoghurt and say goodbye to my two girls; Kiki and Nina.


I’m on the road, it’s a70km drive to the office so I switch between my favorite radio stations, listening to a podcast and chatting with my best friend from Istanbul.


I arrive at the office, grab a Latte Macchiato and start answering emails, before catching up with the team about the day ahead.


Next it’s a meeting with the Snacks Marketing manager about how to divide the media budget and the strategic priorities for Lay’s, Doritos and Sunbites next year.


I finish off module two of the online Innovation & Entrepreneurship course by HEC business school in Paris. They’ve created a tailor-made course for PepsiCo, and part of that involves designing a MVP (a minimum viable prototype) product that goes to market with just enough features to test the idea with consumers. If successful, it could roll out to a bigger pool of customers.


It’s time for a team celebration with our media agency because we’ve won a Gold Effie Award for our Dutch Doritos campaign!


After a team lunch on our sunny office terrace, I share a quarterly Digital review with the Leadership Team. As well as sharing our performance, it’s my time to inspire them with new digital opportunities, like artificial intelligence and voice commerce.


I make a quick call to the media agency with the Doritos Brand manager and the Digital Activation manager to see how we can further elevate the upcoming Doritos campaign using new digital techniques.


I attend a monthly town hall meeting and present to all colleagues in our Business Unit the roll-out of the Digital Culture & Capability Plan which is all about strengthening the cultural mindset to increase our ability to apply digital technology.


Time for a project meeting with the team organizing a Digital Week for our Benelux Business, which will include great speakers and opportunities for everyone to become more digitally savvy.


Next I interview a promising candidate for our team. We’re expanding rapidly so I’m spending a lot of time on recruitment.


One final check of my emails before it’s time to hit the road, fingers crossed traffic will be good. Once home, my husband has prepared a delicious Italian meal and we catch up on the highlights of our day. We put the kids to bed around 8pm. I like to unwind by joining a yoga class or watching a favorite Netflix series, like Peaky Blinders.


Sweet dreams!

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